Book: “TRAIN…Up a Child”

November 14, 2023

This book was written for teenagers! Most books of sermons like this are written for preachers who are looking for new material to preach from their pulpits, or for mature Christians who want more of what they have, or have not been getting, from their preachers at church. But this was written with the hopes that it would help young people to understand some basic truths; and to help them to stand up to the world and remain faithful.

The author, Bill E. Smith, was very capable for the effort that he undertook in writing this book. The father of four, and the grandfather of seven, he had a vital interest in seeing that young people know the truth, and that they continue faithful to their calling. Along with his ministerial training, he qualified to teach Social Studies in Secondary Schools while in college. He was called upon to speak to youth groups, both in church gatherings and on Christian college campuses. He taught youth classes, and he was the author of forty-six fill-in-the-blank Bible class workbooks, that are suitable for young people, which have been studied by more than a million students.

This book contains thirteen lessons, with questions at the end of each lesson. It can be used for a quarter’s study in a Bible class; or in home devotional; or just as a faith-building experience by an individual youth. This book makes a good, inexpensive, gift to any young person from a caring parent, a grandparent, a friend, or the church, at such times as birthdays, graduations, or at their new birth.

The cost of this book is $3.00.

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