Book: “HELP…Me Climb My Mountain”

November 16, 2023

After one becomes a Christian, he or she must grow in the faith, and be able to stand against the efforts of Satan to destroy his new relationship with God. This book is intended to help the Christian in that effort. It will help a Christian to set priorities, form a good relationship with God, and develop the characteristics that will make it possible to live peaceably in the church, in ones home, and in the community. It will help a Christian with problems such as suffering, worry, criticism, insecurity, priorities, guilt, and attributes of the new life.

The title of this book comes from the haunting words of a song with the words pleading, “This time, Lord, you gave me a mountain…Now Lord, help me climb my mountain!” Those words stuck in the author’s mind since he had uttered the sentiments so many times in his life, though in different words. We do have a great journey ahead of us as Christians, and we need God’s help if we are to be successful. We do not have to make the journey alone. We have the assurance of God that He will go with us and help us to climb even the highest mountain!

Hopefully this book will fall into the hands of people who will use it to strengthen their own faith, and will be shared with Christians who do not, or cannot make it to the Bible classes and worship services of the church. The written word is sometimes even more powerful than the spoken word, especially for those who have a need to review a thought before going on to the next.

The cost of this book is $3.00.

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