November 20, 2023

The nature and purpose of worship, what is acceptable worship, and the dangers and rewards of worship are studied.  Our youth and every new member needs this study.

A 13-Lesson Workbook study that deals with every facet of worship and will help prepare Christians to understand and offer acceptable worship, both in private, and publicly.  Good for all.  A must for youth and new converts!  Content: The Nature of Worship; Patriarchal Worship; Jewish Worship; Heathen Worship; Acceptable Worship; Does It Matter?; Lord’s Day Worship; In Remembrance; Worship in Word; Worship in Song; Worship in Prayer; Our Offering; & Rewards of Worship.

Information Needed to Place an Order:  Name, Shipping Address, Telephone, Workbook Name(s), & Number of Workbooks to Be Shipped.  Please Include Shipping Preference:  USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail shipping cost; arrives within 3-4 days) or USPS Media Mail (Lowest available shipping cost; usually arrives 7-8 days).

To Order:  email HelmPublishers@gmail.com

CLICK HERE to download PDF of complete brochure.

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