Women of the Bible, Vol. 2

November 21, 2023

Character studies of New Testament Women such as Elizabeth, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Herodias, Mary and Martha, Sapphira, Dorcas, Lydia, Priscilla, and Lois & Eunice.

A 13-Lesson Workbook study of women of the New Testament.  Especially suitable for Ladies’ Classes, Teen-girl’s Classes, or general classroom work.  Content: Elizabeth, Mother of Great; Mary, Mother of Jesus; The Samaritan Woman; Magdalene, a Loyal Woman; Herodias, a Murderess; Mary and Martha; Sapphira, a Liar; Dorcas, Full of Good Works; Lydia, Europe’s First Convert; Lois and Eunice; Priscilla, a Teacher; Drusilla and Bernice; & The Liberal Widow.

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