Parables of Jesus

December 4, 2023

These stories are as exciting today as they were when Jesus first told them 2000 years ago, and their morals are needed even more.  Both enjoyable and beneficial.

A 13-Lesson Workbook study on some of the Parables that Jesus taught His disciples.  Suitable for Youth Classes, Ladies’ Classes, Adult Study, Home Study, etc.  Content: Jesus Teaches in Parables; The Ten Virgins; The Lost Sheep; The Sower; The Rich Fool; The Good Samaritan; The Unmerciful Servant; The Talents; The Prodigal Son; The Laborers; The Great Feast; & The Kingdom in Parables.

Information Needed to Place an Order:  Name, Shipping Address, Telephone, Workbook Name(s), & Number of Workbooks to Be Shipped.  Please Include Shipping Preference:  USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail shipping cost; arrives within 3-4 days) or USPS Media Mail (Lowest available shipping cost; usually arrives 7-8 days).

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