The Nature of Things
Workbooks / December 6, 2023

This takes the basic things in religion and goes into the nature of them.  It covers the nature of God, of Man, Sin, Revelation, Grace, Faith, Conversion, Church, etc. A 13-Lesson Workbook study gives a glimpse into the very nature of the basics of our faith.  It is a study that every member should have, especially new converts and those interested in studying the truth, or in teaching it to others.  Content: The Nature of God; The Nature of Man; The Nature of Sin; The Nature of Revelation; The Nature of Grace; The Nature of Faith; The Nature of Conversion; The Nature of Conscience; The Nature of the Church; The Nature of Worship; The Nature of Discipline; The Nature of Unity; & The Nature of Promises. Information Needed to Place an Order:  Name, Shipping Address, Telephone, Workbook Name(s), & Number of Workbooks to Be Shipped.  Please Include Shipping Preference:  USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail shipping cost; arrives within 3-4 days) or USPS Media Mail (Lowest available shipping cost; usually arrives 7-8 days). To Order:  email CLICK HERE to download PDF of complete brochure.