How Do You Handle…? Vol. 1
Workbooks / December 14, 2023

Helps the Christian deal with such problems as Doubt, Worry, Fear, Anger, Envy, Pride, Jealousy, Prejudice, Guilt, Temptation, Grief, Persecutions, and Sin. A 13-Lesson Workbook study that focuses on the Holy Spirit, and on His work.  This study is vital in combating the wave of Pentecostalism that dominates television and other areas today!  Content: Who Is the Holy Spirit; Spirit in the Old Testament; Spirit and the Written Word; Holy Spirit in Conversion; The Comforter; The Indwelling Spirit; Gifts of the Spirit; The Spirit and the Church; Fruit of the Spirit; Baptism with the Holy Spirit; Spirit’s Supernatural Gifts; Sin Against the Holy Spirit; & Unholy Spirits. Information Needed to Place an Order:  Name, Shipping Address, Telephone, Workbook Name(s), & Number of Workbooks to Be Shipped.  Please Include Shipping Preference:  USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail shipping cost; arrives within 3-4 days) or USPS Media Mail (Lowest available shipping cost; usually arrives 7-8 days). To Order:  email CLICK HERE to download PDF of complete brochure.