Conversions in Acts

December 22, 2023

Learn how people were converted to Christ during the times of the Apostles and find the pattern saving souls today.  Includes Paul, Cornelius, Jailer, Eunuch, etc.

A 13-Lesson Workbook study studying in detail most of the conversions to Christ found in the Book of Acts, with emphasis on the plan of salvation.  Especially good for New Convert Classes, Personal Workers Classes, Ladies Classes, Midweek Studies, and Teenagers.  Content: What Is conversion?; Thief on the Cross; The Pentecostans; Saul of Tarsus; Cornelius; The Philippian Jailer; Lydia’s Household; Simon the Sorcerer; The Ethiopian Eunuch; The Ephesians; The Bereans; Non-Conversions in Acts; & Review / Test Questions.

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