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Workbooks / February 5, 2024

Information Needed to Place an Order:  Name, Shipping Address, Telephone, Workbook Name(s), & Number of Workbooks to Be Shipped.  Please Include Shipping Preference:  USPS Priority Mail (Priority Mail shipping cost; arrives within 3-4 days) or USPS Media Mail (Lowest available shipping cost; usually arrives 7-8 days).      To Order:  email CLICK HERE to Download a PDF of a Complete Brochure These lessons are designed for BIBLE classes!  The student is to take his or her Bible and run the scripture references and answer the question in the space provided in the workbook.  When the student has completed the lesson, the student will have a good Bible knowledge of any subject that has been studied in this series.  The lessons are also designed to stimulate discussion in class by all the students. The busy teacher will appreciate the fact that each book has thirteen Bible lessons prepared that will be enriching for every student, which should increase interest and attendance in the class.  Teachers have a choice of 48 different workbooks from which to choose in this series, and each subject is relevant to the needs of those whom the teacher will be teaching. Books That Are Available, by Bill…

To Download a PDF 2 Year Balanced Bible Schedule
Workbooks / February 4, 2024

Two Year Balanced Bible Reading Schedule Click Here to Download a PDF Two Year Balance Bible Reading Schedule… …designed for content understanding, an average of 1101 Words per day (NASU), and a balanced amount of Old & New Testament text spread throughout the schedule of years.  A two year Bible Reading Schedule allows for deeper study and understanding as you go through the Bible at a slower pace. {A free download provided by HELM Publishers to encourage Daily Bible Study.}

Sample Workbook Page
Workbooks / February 3, 2024

Here is a sample first lesson from “How Do You Handle…? – Vol. 1. All workbook lessons have a similar style: Lesson Questions; Bible Reference Answers; & Blanks for Answers.