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February 5, 2024

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These lessons are designed for BIBLE classes!  The student is to take his or her Bible and run the scripture references and answer the question in the space provided in the workbook.  When the student has completed the lesson, the student will have a good Bible knowledge of any subject that has been studied in this series.  The lessons are also designed to stimulate discussion in class by all the students.

The busy teacher will appreciate the fact that each book has thirteen Bible lessons prepared that will be enriching for every student, which should increase interest and attendance in the class.  Teachers have a choice of 48 different workbooks from which to choose in this series, and each subject is relevant to the needs of those whom the teacher will be teaching.

Books That Are Available, by Bill E. Smith

Book:  “HELP…Me Climb My Mountain”
The lessons in this book were written to help the Christian meet the obstacles he or she will face as one practices faith.  After one is saved, a Christian must learn how to continue to be faithful and to lead others to the Lord.  Covered are…Worry, Suffering, Prayer, Criticism, Providence, etc.
Paper Cover, 128 Pages, $3.00  {For more information, search next column…}

Book:  “PEACE…Be Still”
In a troubled world, it is hard to find the peace that Jesus offers.  The Word of God has shown us the way to be happy.  These lessons deal with the problems that rob us of our peace and help us to enjoy our faith and our lives.  A great gift for a young person or a shut-in.
Paper Cover, 134 Pages, $3.00  {For more information, search next column…}

Book:  “TRAIN…Up a Child”
This is a book of lessons addressed to young people.  It is written on their level by a father of four and a grandfather of seven.  It has 13 lessons and questions at the end of each lesson.  It makes a good quarter of study in a classroom.  It also makes a great gift for a young person on any occasion.
Paper Cover, 134 Pages, $3.00  {For more information, search next column…}

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